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Should I learn Ruby on Rails or Django/Flask?

As someone who uses RoR on a regular basis - I honestly like it. It forces you to learn it extensively before you can use it (which is a good thing, there's no "hacking around" in RoR, every site written in it looks similar save for projects like Discourse as that uses tons of customized Javascript). From what I have heard (although I haven't personally used Django) - RoR features currently most advanced ORM and migrations system. That being said - if anything, it's Django vs Rails. Flask is a bit different, it's way more minimal. You can use it in an actual project after a day rather than a month. Both frameworks have good background to them, with lots of guides and manuals. So probably your choice could be honestly down to programming language itself. If you are fine with whitespaces that actually matter and really want readability (in Python the main philosophy is that ...

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13 Things You Need to Know About Ruby on Rails

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There are a few reasons why Rails is so great for beginners. The first reason is simply that Ruby is really great for begi...

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Which is better to learn, ruby/on rails or PHP?

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Availability wise, probably PHP, but the quality will be often sub-par. There's people and companies who do good PHP, but ...

Ruby On Rails In 60 Minutes

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Please try to keep submissions on topic and of high quality. Just because it has a computer in it doesn't make it programm...

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Today in #Ruby, #Rails, & #Python News from Rubyists and Pythonistas by David Young Please enable Javascript to correctly ...

如果你有兴趣参与《Rails 指南》的翻译,请联系我。https://t.co/SqvIyTAyAQ

如果你有兴趣参与《Rails 指南》的翻译,请联系我。https://t.co/SqvIyTAyAQ

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The latest Today in #Ruby, #Rails, & #Python!

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Today in #Ruby, #Rails, & #Python News from Rubyists and Pythonistas by David Young Please enable Javascript to correctly ...