06 Mar '17, 12am

Don't Rush

Don't Rush

Don't Rush Luke Mitchell March 06, 2017 product design process agile prototyping user interface user experience design The thought of designing a product from nothing can be scary. It’s very tempting to start fast and maintain that pace. This usually means building up a series of pieces linearly. In theory they are then tied together into an app or a website. While this is a valid approach, there are good and bad times to work this way. To understand when, it’s best to think about what makes a good app or website. Dieter Rams is one of the greatest designers – ever. A minimalist at heart, he has created a collection of excellent products in his lifetime. In an attempt to distill his philosophy he proposed ten principles to guide others. The principles don’t only apply to industrial design, they transcend the whole practice of design. A well designed app is: innovative usef...

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but look how cute they are! hnnnnng

but look how cute they are! hnnnnng

lovepastry.com 06 Mar '17, 12am

Dare to be bold in the Studded Sugar Rush! The moto jacket of your wardrobe, these sneakers are designed to match any outf...

Bitcoin rush means virtual currency is now worth more than gold

Bitcoin rush means virtual currency is now wort...

techradar.com 03 Mar '17, 2pm

For the first time in the history of the virtual currency, a single Bitcoin has become worth more than an ounce of gold. A...