07 Mar '17, 12am


Typography has a very long history, from ink and brush through the printing press, but type on the web starts with the advent of digital type. A “typeface” is a group of all the letters of a specific family, style, and weight, like “Helvetica Bold Italic”. A “font” is a file that contains the typeface. When we’re talking about digital usage, these terms are fairly interchangeable, so don’t feel bad about getting them mixed up. We’ll mostly be talking about Latin typefaces (for languages with letters like English), but there is a whole wide world of categories and details for other languages that I encourage you to explore.

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A Closer Look at the NikeLab x UNDERCOVER 2017 Spring/Summer "Gyakusou" Collection

A Closer Look at the NikeLab x UNDERCOVER 2017 ...

hypebeast.com 11 Mar '17, 9am

Since the start of 2010, the Japanese designer Jun Takahashi behind UNDERCOVER has worked to collaborate with NikeLab on q...