23 Dec '12, 4am

@dnasevic треба и групи да ставишво kreator, нема поента за deployment тестови да се стартаат

Grouping your dependencies allows you to perform operations on the entire group. # These gems are in the :default group gem " nokogiri" gem " sinatra" gem " wirble" , : group => : development group : test do gem " rspec" gem " faker" end Install all dependencies, except those in specified groups $ bundle install --without test development Require the gems in particular groups, noting that gems outside of a named group are in the :default group Bundler .require (: default , : development ) Require the default gems, plus the gems in a group named the same as the current Rails environment Bundler .require (: default , Rails .env ) Restrict the groups of gems that you want to add to the load path. Only gems in these groups will be require'able require " rubygems" require " bundler" Bundler .setup (: default , : ci ) require " nokogiri" Learn More: Bundler.setup

Full article: http://gembundler.com/v1.2/groups.html


Using Bundler with RubyMotion

gembundler.com 14 Dec '12, 9am

If you don't have a RubyMotion app yet, generate one. $ motion create myapp $ cd myapp You'll need to create a Gemfile. He...