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  • Python Decorators in Ruby 13 Jan '14, 10pm

    Paddy3118 , Posted July 14, 2009, 12:46 am Hi wycats, A guiding principal of Python is that the language should strive to be readable. It is why many, many, (many), requests to add syntax modifying features such as macros are rejected. The idea being that when you read one Python prog...

  • An Extensible Approach to Browser Security Policy 24 May '13, 9pm

    For the uninitiated, Content Security Policy is a feature that allows web sites to opt into stricter security than what the web platform offers by default. For example, it can restrict which domains to execute scripts from, prevent inline scripts from running altogether, and control w...

  • Extend the Web Forward 21 May '13, 3pm

    When you design new APIs, you are forced to think about how the existing system can express most of the semantics. This cleanly separates what new power is genuinely needed and what isn’t. This prevents cluttering the semantics with unnecessary new magic Avoiding new magic avoids new ...

    1. Extend the Web Forward 26 May '13, 2pm
  • Some of the Problems Bundler Solves 19 Sep '13, 4pm

    Collin Miller , Posted April 12, 2010, 10:39 pm I’m curious about the current state of things for the order of requiring. My understanding is that the gems are _not_ required in the order they are listed in the Gemfile. Where my understanding breaks down is if they are required in dep...

  • Tokaido Status Update: Implementation Details 05 Jun '12, 3pm

    scripting framework to build Tokaido, to make it easy to share code between rvm2, Tokaido, and the Unix Rails Installer. The majority of the work I have done so far has been in researching how to properly build a portable Ruby, and working with Michal to build the solution in terms of...

  • Tokaido: My Hopes and Dreams 13 Apr '12, 6pm

    As part of this project, I plan to work with people who ship common native extensions to help them build and ship binary versions of their gems for OSX without external dependencies. Luis Lavena has been doing amazing work with rake-compiler to make this process easy on gem developers...

  • AbstractQueryFactoryFactories and alias_method_chain: The Ruby Way 10 Oct '13, 1am

    Gabe da Silveira , Posted February 15, 2010, 1:15 pm I gotta give you props for being very diplomatic in this post Yehuda. The original post had a touch of flamebait to it, two ridiculous implications being A) dynamic languages can’t do modularity as well as Java and B) the reason man...

    1. alias_method_chain in models 10 Oct '13, 1am
  • alias_method_chain in models 10 Oct '13, 1am

    Asfand Yar Qazi , Posted July 31, 2009, 12:38 am I was GOING to use alias_method in a custom form builder that I was writing, so that the form could either use (for example) the text_field method if it wanted the customizations the custom form builder introduced, or resort to (for exa...

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