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I'm excited to announce that as of today (March 28th), I've accepted a new position at LivingSocial! I'm an Engineering Director, managing a ...

Link: blog.fallingsnow.net

  • A new door opens… « evan.musing << current

    blog.fallingsnow.net 28 Mar '12, 11pm

    I’m excited to announce that as of today (March 28th), I’ve accepted a new position at LivingSocial! I’m an Engineering Director, managing a few teams that work on backend architecture such as email, scaling, etc. For the past 5 years, Engine Yard has been an amazing employer. Back in...

  • On Portable Computation… | Mirthful Snowflake

    blog.fallingsnow.net 09 Nov '14, 10pm

    NaCL – Google’s approach to applets, basically. With a heavy emphasis on C++ as the target language, the aim is squarely at game developers. But I think if you look past immediate browser usage, you can see a separate idea: The ability to generate managed machine code that only runs i...

  • Helpful syntax errors | evan.musing << current

    blog.fallingsnow.net 16 Apr '13, 3pm

    Syntax errors are a part of life for programmers. The language of the computer, no matter how flexible the language, is very picky. And thus how the language communicates back to the user about what it didn’t understand is important, because time is spent in this phase, no matter the ...

  • Simple VM JIT with LLVM | evan.musing << current

    blog.fallingsnow.net 27 Jan '14, 10pm

    Function* create(Module** out) { std::string error; Module* jit; // Load in the bitcode file containing the functions for each // bytecode operation. if(MemoryBuffer* buffer = MemoryBuffer::getFile("ops.o", &error)) { jit = ParseBitcodeFile(buffer, &error); delete buffer; } // Pull ou...


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