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As I mentioned last week, I'm releasing chapters of The Passionate Programmer every(ish) week until they've all been posted. This week&# …

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  • Rule One of Management: First, Do No Harm

    chadfowler.com 16 Dec '17, 6am

    Primum non nocere, or “first, do no harm” is a universal principle among healthcare professionals worldwide. It essentially means this: given a (bad) situation, your first priority is to not make it worse through your actions. Doctors hold a position of power over their patients. Most...

  • On Having Something to Say

    chadfowler.com 16 Jun '17, 3pm

    The first time I was invited to give a keynote speech, I thought “Why would they want me? I have nothing to say.” The second time was a few months later. Same thing. What should I talk about? What’s worth listening to? Previously I had been asked by my favorite publisher to write a bo...

  • On Being 40

    chadfowler.com 03 Sep '17, 11pm

    40 is a confusing age. Old enough to not be a kid anymore by any reasonable definition. Still young, inexperienced, and stupid enough to feel like one anyway. Maybe that last bit never goes away. Maybe it only intensifies. One feature of my version of me at 40 is that I have gradually...

  • The curse of a name: how to kill a good idea

    chadfowler.com 29 Jul '17, 7am

    The curse of a name: how to kill a good idea Nov 25, 2014 What do the following have in common? Agile Software Development Six Sigma Behavior Driven Development Software Craftsmanship DevOps Each of these represents a good idea that a group of well-meaning people tried (and succeeded)...

  • Who I Want to Hire

    chadfowler.com 18 Sep '16, 8am

    There’s a person I want to work with. I can’t find this person. I’ve literally searched the world, and I can hardly find a trace. I’m not talking about someone specific. In fact, that’s the problem. I’m talking about a set of traits and an attitude which is more scarce than I realized...

  • Your most important skill: Empathy

    chadfowler.com 27 Nov '16, 8pm

    TL;DR - Empathy is the most important skill you can practice. It will lead to greater success personally and professionally and will allow you to become happier the more you practice. I’ve never considered myself a real programmer. I know at this point it’s probably silly to say, but ...

  • The Big Rewrite

    chadfowler.com 28 May '17, 2pm

    This is the first in a series of articles, discussing why many software rewrite projects end badly and what to do to avoid some of the ways I've seen them go astray. You’ve got an existing, successful software product. You’ve hit the ceiling on extensibility and maintainability. Your ...

  • Trash Your Servers and Burn Your Code: Immutable Infrastructure and Disposable Components

    chadfowler.com 26 Jun '13, 6pm

    As a developer and sometimes system adminstrator, one of the scariest things I ever encounter is a server that’s been running for ages which has seen multiple upgrades of system and application software. Why? Because an old system inevitably grows warts. They start as one-time hacks d...


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