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I love web apps. I work at Stark & Wayne, I have contributed to over 300 open source projects, and I love talking at conferences. Here is a small selection of the

Link: drnicwilliams.com

  • Dr Nic's Instant new Rails applications with the App Scrolls

    drnicwilliams.com 10 Apr '12, 10pm

    Instant new Rails applications with the App Scrolls April 10th, 2012 , posted in Announcement , Engine Yard , Ruby on Rails , Tutorial , ∞ , 3 comments When I start a new project I want to start how I plan to finish. If I intend to write integration tests then I want to start them imm...

  • BOSH: What, How, When

    drnicwilliams.com 16 May '12, 5am

    May 15th, 2012 , posted in BOSH , ∞ , No comments I’m still very bullish on BOSH . I’ve been experimenting with it internally at work, looking to see how it could duplicate or improve upon our current infrastructure, automation and release management. I’ve also watched the commits tha...

  • Creating a BOSH from scratch on AWS

    drnicwilliams.com 16 Apr '12, 11pm

    Creating a BOSH from scratch on AWS April 16th, 2012 , posted in BOSH , Tutorial , ∞ , No comments A lot of devops projects revolve around managing instances/VMs once they already exist. For example, Chef and Puppet do configuration management of instances once the instances have been...

  • Creating new BOSH releases with bosh-gen and bosh-solo

    drnicwilliams.com 20 Aug '12, 4pm

    Creating new BOSH releases with bosh-gen and bosh-solo August 20th, 2012 , posted in Announcement , BOSH , Tutorial , ∞ , No comments Below is a 45-minute walk-thru tutorial of creating and deploying a BOSH release for a Redis VM. It introduces a brand new tool: bosh-solo . A BOSH rel...

  • Haha. "Dr Nic got his PhD ... and found the best use for it so far was being called Dr Nic."


    drnicwilliams.com 26 Nov '13, 3am

    Contact Details Email/Jabber: drnicwilliams [at] gmail Company: starkandwayne.com Twitter: @drnic Skype: nicwilliams He writes blog posts for developers; creates tools, libraries and text editor extensions for developers; and speaks to developers at conferences. He’s the CEO of Stark ...

  • Dr Nic's How to stop killing people with your public speeches

    drnicwilliams.com 27 Feb '12, 4pm

    How to stop killing people with your public speeches November 11th, 2011 , posted in Speaking , ∞ , 22 comments Let’s do the math. If you give a speech to 200 people for 30 minutes you are consuming 100 hours of human life . Giving an hour-long talk to a thousand people? That’s six we...

    1. Dr Nic drnicwilliams.com 25 Feb '12, 9pm
  • Poking around for useful tools, I seem to stumble on @drnic again and again.

    ChocTop – packaging and deployment of Cocoa applications

    drnicwilliams.com 01 Aug '12, 4am

    You can package and release Cocoa apps in a number of ways. Each app is actually a folder, so they need some packaging. Zip files are easy and the bonus is they auto-open when people download them. But for me, without a doubt, is the DMG packaging with a custom background image and th...

  • Git

    drnicwilliams.com 02 Mar '13, 2pm

    Migrating project websites to github pages with sake tasks, new websites with jekyll_generator December 21st, 2008 , posted in Announcement , Gems , Git , Tutorial , ∞ , 18 comments Its almost Christmas time and that means presents. It also means that sometime between today and Decemb...


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