Dr Nic

I love web apps. I work at Stark & Wayne, I have contributed to over 300 open source projects, and I love talking at conferences. Here is a small selection of the

Link: drnicwilliams.com

  • Dr Nic's Instant new Rails applications with the App Scrolls

    drnicwilliams.com 10 Apr '12, 10pm

    Instant new Rails applications with the App Scrolls April 10th, 2012 , posted in Announcement , Engine Yard , Ruby on Rails , Tutorial , ∞ , 3 comments When I start a new project I want to start how I plan to finish. If I intend to write integration tests then I want to start them imm...

  • BOSH: What, How, When

    drnicwilliams.com 16 May '12, 5am

    May 15th, 2012 , posted in BOSH , ∞ , No comments I’m still very bullish on BOSH . I’ve been experimenting with it internally at work, looking to see how it could duplicate or improve upon our current infrastructure, automation and release management. I’ve also watched the commits tha...

  • Haha. "Dr Nic got his PhD ... and found the best use for it so far was being called Dr Nic."


    drnicwilliams.com 26 Nov '13, 3am

    Contact Details Email/Jabber: drnicwilliams [at] gmail Company: starkandwayne.com Twitter: @drnic Skype: nicwilliams He writes blog posts for developers; creates tools, libraries and text editor extensions for developers; and speaks to developers at conferences. He’s the CEO of Stark ...

  • Creating a BOSH from scratch on AWS

    drnicwilliams.com 16 Apr '12, 11pm

    Creating a BOSH from scratch on AWS April 16th, 2012 , posted in BOSH , Tutorial , ∞ , No comments A lot of devops projects revolve around managing instances/VMs once they already exist. For example, Chef and Puppet do configuration management of instances once the instances have been...

  • Creating new BOSH releases with bosh-gen and bosh-solo

    drnicwilliams.com 20 Aug '12, 4pm

    Creating new BOSH releases with bosh-gen and bosh-solo August 20th, 2012 , posted in Announcement , BOSH , Tutorial , ∞ , No comments Below is a 45-minute walk-thru tutorial of creating and deploying a BOSH release for a Redis VM. It introduces a brand new tool: bosh-solo . A BOSH rel...

  • Dr Nic's How to stop killing people with your public speeches

    drnicwilliams.com 27 Feb '12, 4pm

    How to stop killing people with your public speeches November 11th, 2011 , posted in Speaking , ∞ , 22 comments Let’s do the math. If you give a speech to 200 people for 30 minutes you are consuming 100 hours of human life . Giving an hour-long talk to a thousand people? That’s six we...

    1. Dr Nic drnicwilliams.com 25 Feb '12, 9pm
  • 8 steps for fixing other people’s code

    drnicwilliams.com 09 Dec '13, 6am

    HI Dr. Nic. Your post is indeed very helpful. I am not a very technical person when it comes to programming and computers. But your post and steps are clearly described and would be easily for me to understand and follow. Another interesting thing about it is modifying people’s code i...

  • Git

    drnicwilliams.com 02 Mar '13, 2pm

    Migrating project websites to github pages with sake tasks, new websites with jekyll_generator December 21st, 2008 , posted in Announcement , Gems , Git , Tutorial , ∞ , 18 comments Its almost Christmas time and that means presents. It also means that sometime between today and Decemb...


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