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Includes tutorials and tips to develop with the framework. By a core team member .

Link: m.onkey.org

  • Active Record batch processing in parallel processes

    m.onkey.org 08 Jun '13, 10pm

    Active Record batch processing in parallel processes Published almost 2 years ago Active Record provides find_each for batch processing of large number of records. However, when you are dealing with REALLY larger number of records ( I’m talking millions here ), find_each can become qu...

  • Bulk ALTER TABLE with Rails 3 and MySQL - (m.onkey.org)

    m.onkey.org 27 Mar '13, 2am

    Bulk ALTER TABLE with Rails 3 and MySQL Published about 2 years ago With this commit , Rails migrations will support adding/removing/changing multiple columns via a single ALTER TABLE statement for MySQL. Let’s say you need to add 2 new columns to a table and modify data type of anoth...

  • Ruby on Rack #1 - Hello Rack!

    m.onkey.org 04 Aug '13, 11pm

    Rack is a framework to roll your own ruby framework. Rack provides an interface between different web servers and your framework/application. Making it very simple for your framework/application to be compatible with any webserver that supports Rack – Phusion Passenger, Litespeed, Mon...

  • Let's start with wtf!? - (m.onkey.org)

    m.onkey.org 06 Apr '12, 7am

    Let's start with wtf!? Published almost 5 years ago UPDATE : Check Ticket 8818 Welcome to my new blog :) Now over to rails.. So you’ve been told about using cute shortcuts for enumerator like Post.find(:all).map(&:title) – you feel great using it, don’t you ?? And you laughed at those...

  • Faster eager loading and funky joins

    m.onkey.org 08 Jun '13, 10pm

    I was able to spend some time on a flight and at home to work on a very annoying performance pit associated with eager loading association’s instantiation code. So, with changeset 8051 , hopefully you should see some performance improvement with eagerloading associations with large da...

  • Ruby I don't like #3 - Object#freeze

    m.onkey.org 30 Nov '13, 10am

    However, above are not really the primary reasons I don’t like freeze . It’s the fact that you cannot unfreeze an object without using something like evil.rb . And this goes against a lot of things Ruby stands for in my book. Ruby is never about defensive programming. Even where it tr...

  • Stop returning false from your before filters

    m.onkey.org 04 Jan '14, 9am

    Stop returning false from your before filters Published over 4 years ago In the past version of Rails you had to explicitly return false from before filters to halt the filter chain and make sure the action doesn’t get run. The code looked somewhat like : class AdminController < Appli...

  • Private method called

    m.onkey.org 08 Jun '13, 10pm

    Here, I’d expect ruby to throw up with “private method `secret’ called for # (NoMethodError)” error. But it just leans over to method_missing() . That kinda makes sense, considering Ruby completely hides private methods and throws NoMethodError. But playing around with this a little m...


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