Back in 2009, I posted a summary of the breakdown of the royalties we paid on our titles. Susannah, our managing editor, has been suggesting ...

Link: pragdave.pragprog.com

  • PragDave: Symbol#to_proc

    pragdave.pragprog.com 03 Nov '13, 10pm

    contains an absolutely wonderful hack. Say you want to convert an array of strings to uppercase. You could write result = names.map {|name| name.upcase} Fairly concise, right? Return a new array where each element is the corresponding element in the original, converted to uppercase. B...

  • The history of #TheAgileManifesto 1) 2) 3)https://t.co/ZXib8Px403 4)

    PragDave: Some Agile History

    pragdave.pragprog.com 04 Aug '13, 2am

    I spent this afternoon reorganizing (ok, just organizing) my files. In the process, I came across some of the notes I made in Snowbird back in 2001. That was when 17 mawgs[1] who cared about projects and software got together to discuss what were then called Lightweight Methodologies....


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