By Rails core committer Rick Olson, who is also creator of: Rails Weenie site, Beast forum program, Mephisto blogging program, and many popular plugins.

Link: techno-weenie.net

  • Wrote about my 3 year journey to ship LFS at GitHub:

    The Journey for Large Files on GitHub

    techno-weenie.net 02 Jan '16, 9pm

    The Journey for Large Files on GitHub 02 Jan 2016 I am a big fan of video games, so I jumped at the chance to work the GitHub booth at the Game Developer’s Conference (GDC) in 2012. It was my first time representing the company for a community that I’m an outsider of. I planned on spe...

  • Hacked on a weather light with a Philips Hue with my son, and wrote it up as a tutorial: /cc @twee…

    Weather Lights

    techno-weenie.net 02 Sep '14, 1am

    I recently spoke at the GitHub Patchwork event in Boulder last month. My son Nathan tagged along to get his first taste of the GitHub Flow . I don't necessarily want him to be a programmer, but I do push him to learn a little to augment his interest in meteorology and astronomy. The n...

  • Ending the Mass Assignment Party | techno weenie

    techno-weenie.net 19 Mar '12, 6pm

    Having a common pattern is a great idea, as well as other organizational patterns in use (testing, code review, etc). But, we felt like we needed something that would force compliance with safe handling of user input in web controllers. Something that works with what we're already doi...

  • Key/value logs in Go

    techno-weenie.net 04 Nov '13, 2pm

    I shipped GitHub's first user-facing Go app a month ago: the Releases API upload endpoint . It's a really simple, low traffic service to dip our toes in the Go waters. Before I could even think about shipping it though, I had to answer these questions: How can I deploy a Go app? Will ...

  • Embedding Structs in Go | techno weenie

    techno-weenie.net 29 Aug '13, 8pm

    I've been toying with Go off and on for the last few months. I'm finally at a point where I'm using it in a real project at GitHub, so I've been exploring it in more detail. Yesterday I saw some duplicated code that could benefit from class inheritance. This isn't Ruby, so I eventuall...

  • ZeroMQ Pub Sub... How does it work? | techno weenie

    techno-weenie.net 04 Mar '12, 12am

    You want to do quick messaging between hosts, processes, or even threads. You want to use a different transport besides TCP: multicast, in-process, inter-process. The code doesn't change (besides the bind/connect calls). You want to take advantage of other ZeroMQ messaging patterns to...

  • Home | techno weenie

    techno-weenie.net 21 Sep '13, 2pm

    2013 Aug 29 Embedding Structs in Go about github Follow @technoweenie

  • One HTTP Handler to rule them all

    techno-weenie.net 22 Oct '13, 5pm

    Justinas Stankevičius wrote a post about writing HTTP middleware in Go. Having seen how Rack changed the Ruby web framework landscape, I'm glad Go has simple HTTP server interfaces baked in.


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