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It's been a good run, but my thrill for blogging has ebbed. Most of my online conversation occurs on Twitter these days, and my Buckblog has ...

Link: weblog.jamisbuck.org

  • Buckblog

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 17 Mar '15, 4pm

    I wish I could remember where, exactly, I first encountered this tip. It was on Hacker News some months back, and at the time I didn’t particularly need it. But when I started consulting last month, it suddenly came back to me, and I realized just how valuable it is. The problem is th...

  • You Should Totally Hire the Heck Out of Me -- -- looking for a remote team to join!

    Jamis Buck

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 20 Jan '15, 5pm

    You Should Totally Hire the Heck Out of Me. I'm Jamis Buck. Blog ~ Twitter ~ GitHub ~ Email I make things. Lots of things, in lots of ways. Some in software, some not. It's what I love to do. I helped make Ruby on Rails. I was a member of the core team from 2005–2007. I worked on lots...

  • Had an idea this morning for a variant on the recursive division algorithm. (I think a lot about mazes these days...)


    weblog.jamisbuck.org 15 Jan '15, 6pm

    This morning as I was getting ready for the day, I was thinking about the Recursive Division algorithm . (Maze algorithms are on my mind a lot these days.) It’s a neat algorithm, with some neat properties (like the ability to generate different sized “rooms” in a maze by controlling t...

  • Buckblog

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 22 Jan '15, 5pm

    Implementing Kruskal’s algorithm is straightforward, but for best results you need to find a very efficient way to join sets. If you do it like I illustrated above, assigning a set identifier to each cell, you’ll need to iterate on every merge, which will be expensive. Using trees to ...

  • Web services, Rails-style

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 12 Jul '14, 11pm

    Jamis, can this REST support (as well as ActionWebService::Client::XmlRpc as documented http://api.rubyonrails.com/classes/ActionWebService/Client/XmlRpc.html) be used for outbound client apps, such as allowing my Rails app to interact with other web services (like eBay, Amazon, Googl...

    1. OndeTrabalharCom ondetrabalhar.com.br 16 Jul '14, 7pm
  • RubyConf: Day Two

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 15 Mar '14, 10pm

    RubyConf: Day Two Posted by Jamis on October 02, 2004 @ 01:49 PM This morning started equally bleary-eyed. I just can’t seem to shake this jet lag. At any rate, I managed to shower and stumble downstairs for another exciting continental breakfast, followed by… Morning Panel Patrick Ma...

  • Maze Generation: More weave mazes

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 03 Oct '13, 5pm

    @Jamis Don’t be sorry! I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t like puzzlers. Why do you think the twisty mazes appeal to me? :-) I did wonder about doing something like what you describe, but it seemed likely to get complicated pretty quickly. But there does seem to be a reasonably simple sol...

  • Inside Capistrano: the Gateway implementation

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 14 Jan '14, 6pm

    The gateway code is a bare 100 lines long, including comments. Basically, all it does is establish a connection to the gateway machine, and then for every connection established via the gateway, it forwards a port from the local host to the requested server. Then, it establishes a con...


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