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It's been a good run, but my thrill for blogging has ebbed. Most of my online conversation occurs on Twitter these days, and my Buckblog has ...

Link: weblog.jamisbuck.org

  • Buckblog: Tapping ActiveRecord Relations

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 23 Apr '16, 9pm

    (Yes, I know I said I was probably not going to write here anymore, but while I like Medium for long-form articles, it didn’t quite fit the bill for posts that wanted syntax highlighting. Thus, I’ll probably continue to use the Buckblog for technical articles, and Medium for long-form.)

  • Buckblog: Software Proverbs

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 30 Jan '16, 7pm

    When I was in Korea (20+ years ago), I picked up a little book called “속담백과”, which could maybe be translated as “The Proverb Encyclopedia”. It was a fun exploration of hundreds (thousands?) of Korean proverbs, all in Korean. I worked through a few pages of the book when I was in Kore...

  • A church billboard inspired me to write a Ruby script.

    Buckblog: Variations on a Theme: "I Becomes We..."

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 12 Mar '16, 4pm

    I was in Oregon last week, staying with my aunt and uncle, and on the way to their place I passed a church with a sign that read: When I becomes we, illness becomes wellness Now, normally I really like pithy little sayings like that. I love playing with language, and discovering insig...

  • Don't Assume It's Difficult Until It Is

    Buckblog: Don't Assume It's Difficult until It Is

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 09 Jan '16, 9pm

    Does a task look like it might have some difficult or challenging bits? Don’t be too hasty in drawing that map. Your assumptions almost certainly have some gaping holes in them. About twenty years ago I returned home from a two-year stay in South Korea, where I had served as a mission...

  • Buckblog: A Pretty-Printer for SQL

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 16 Jan '16, 10pm

    Lately, I’ve been up to my elbows in enormous SQL queries. I can’t share the details, but suffice to say that it’s for a reporting app, and the SQL for these queries frequently run as much as 50,000 characters each. This happens because the queries are built up modularly, with each mo...

  • Buckblog: Introducing the Query Composer

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 26 Mar '16, 4pm

    Despite that, I’ve put together an example, using a hypothetical library administration system: Libraries have Books and Patrons, Books have Topics, and Patrons may borrow Books. The example, then, builds and runs a report that asks how many books each patron borrowed during some peri...

  • Buckblog: The weakly-flowing stream

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 13 Feb '16, 9pm

    There’s a (possibly obscure) saying in Korean: “가늘게 흐르는 개울물도 바다로 간다.” Literally, it means “even the waters of a weakly-flowing stream go to the ocean.” From about the 5th grade until I graduated high school I lived in a small town on the Oregon coast. That was almost 25 years ago now,...

  • Buckblog: Being a Good Neighbor...

    weblog.jamisbuck.org 05 Mar '16, 3pm

    Disclaimer: this post is a departure from my usual fare. No computers, no code, no programming. It’s intended primarily to help me process a rather painful, frustrating, and complicated episode in my life, and may or may not have any particular relevance to you. Years ago, when I live...


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