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  • G+ Hangouts without the hangups, plus unintended consequences of sticking a dildo onto my face

    GlideRoom: Hangouts Without The Hangups

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 16 Oct '14, 7pm

    Many years ago, a friend of mine took a picture of me with a dildo stuck to my face. The worst thing about this picture is that I didn't have it on my hard drive. I found it via Google Images. But the best part is it took me at least 3 minutes to find it, so, by modern standards, it's...

  • Why Scrum Should Basically Just Die In A Fire

    Why Scrum Should Basically Just Die In A Fire

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 18 Sep '14, 10am

    Everyone calls their cards simultaneously by turning them over. People with high estimates and low estimates are given a soap box to offer their justification for their estimate and then discussion continues. Repeat the estimation process until a consensus is reached. The developer wh...

  • One Way To Understand Programming Languages

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 04 Oct '14, 4pm

    I'm learning to play the drums, and I got a good DVD from Amazon. It starts off with a rant about drum technique. The instructor mentions the old rule of thumb that you're best to avoid conversations about religion and politics, and says that he thinks drum technique should be added t...

  • another giant blog post: Agile Is Overripe I can't dis Yegge on this one, though, because it rambles a bit

    Agile Is Overripe

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 25 Sep '14, 8pm

    I don't think highly of Scrum, but the problem here goes deeper. The Agile Manifesto is flawed too. Consider this core principle of Agile development: "business people and developers must work together." Why are we supposed to think developers are not business people? ... The Agile Ma...

  • My Name Is Giles, And I Am A Panda

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 26 Aug '14, 10pm

    ...computing spread out much, much faster than educating unsophisticated people can happen... the lack of a real computer science today, and the lack of real software engineering today, is partly due to this pop culture... If you look at software today, through the lens of the history...

  • The Bizarre Bazaar: Who Owns Express.js?

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 01 Aug '14, 1am

    When TJ Holowaychuk lost interest in maintaining Express, he did the right thing (for a change) by letting others take over and keep it going. In open source, that meant the project was no longer his, even if it was located under his GitHub account – a common practice when other peopl...

  • Ye Olde Blogge Sale

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 09 Jun '14, 8pm

    I wrote a book on Rails which a lot of people praised and a book on Ember which seems to have become Google's number one autocomplete suggestion for my name. But I also make products that are fun. Here's a video from my latest product , in which I model an anime robot in 3D using Thre...

  • The Rails/Merb Merge In Retrospect

    gilesbowkett.blogspot.com 05 Jun '14, 9pm

    Rails will become more modular, starting with a rails-core, and including the ability to opt in or out of specific components. We will focus on reducing coupling across Rails, and making it possible to replace parts of Rails without disturbing other parts. This is exactly what Merb me...


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