26 Jun '13, 6pm

Trash Your Servers and Burn Your Code: Immutable Infrastructure and Disposable Components

As a developer and sometimes system adminstrator, one of the scariest things I ever encounter is a server that’s been running for ages which has seen multiple upgrades of system and application software. Why? Because an old system inevitably grows warts. They start as one-time hacks during outages. A quick edit to a config file saves the day. “We’ll put it back into Chef later,” we say, as we finally head off to sleep after a marathon fire fighting session. Cron jobs spring up in unexpected places, running obscure but critical functions that only one person knows about. Application code is deployed outside of the normal straight-from-source-control process. The system becomes finicky. It only accepts deploys in a certain manual way. The init scripts no longer work unless you do something special and unexpected. And, of course the operating system has been patched again and...

Full article: http://chadfowler.com/blog/2013/06/23/immutable-deployments/