1. 24 Jan '14, 7am

    A 3rd party [url=]barcode generating toolkit[/url] is not bad. I'm having one and it works flawless. Expensive but effctive.

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  2. 19 Jan '14, 9am


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  3. 17 Oct '13, 8am

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  4. 17 Oct '13, 8am

    thanx for sharing ! doesn't rely on 3rd party libraries?i searched one <a href="">.net barcode generator SDK</a> a period of time ago, have you heart of or used it ?

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  5. Mr.Durian 25 Sep '13, 3am
    24 Sep '13, 7pm

    ini baru keren

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  6. 23 Sep '13, 7pm is the solution.

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  7. 27 May '13, 5am

    Nike Dunks - Your Shoes With Comfort and Fashion

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  8. 27 May '13, 5am

    this is very good

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  9. 01 May '13, 7pm

    It's listed in the tweets below as well, but if you're interested in SpreeConf, you can get $75 off with the promo code "ANDREW"

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  10. 18 Jan '13, 12am

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  11. 11 Jan '13, 12pm

    Most coverage of this issue doesn't cover both mitigation strategies and verifying you've closed the vulnerability. I wrote <a href="">Use to Metasploit to Verify Rails is Secured from CVE-2013-0156</a> to cover both these important bases.

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  12. 06 Jan '13, 6am

    Muchas Gracias!!!! esto vale oro.

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  13. 27 Nov '12, 2pm

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  14. 23 Oct '12, 7am

    Why should you show up to learn ruby? when you can learn it for free from websites like etc??

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  15. 7 Axis Robotic Arm 22 Feb '12, 10pm
    23 Feb '12, 6am

    Pretty cool ;)

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