22 Feb '12, 10pm

my newest toy, i just couldn't resist ;) 7 axis robotic arm

Full article: http://brainspl.at/7-axis-robot-arm/index.html


  1. 23 Feb '12, 6am

    Pretty cool ;)

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TI's Cortex-M4F-based MCU support ARM's CMSIS

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Texas Instruments has announced that its Stellaris Cortex-M4F-core based microcontrollers support ARM’s latest Cortex micr...

7 ways you could be scammed

7 ways you could be scammed

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ARM POP for GloFo's 28nm SLP process

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GloFo says that ARM’s processor optimization pack (POP) for Cortex A9 processors running on GloFo’s 28nm ‘super low power’...


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