23 Jan '14, 11pm

The Grammar of Graphics: Demystifying Data Visualisation with D3 #Presentation

The grammar of graphics: demystifying data visualisation with d3 Watch live streaming video from pivotallabs at livestream.com This talk will walk through some of the principles of data visualisation described in The Grammar of Graphics and show how they’ve informed some key features of the JavaScript library d3. Alastair Dant is an experienced software developer, focused on interactive news and visual journalism. Now at The New York Times, he escaped the world of enterprise Java to record the sounds of cities on interactive maps, develop a popular cartoon monster game and build an award-winning team at the Guardian.

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/grammar-graphics-d3/


@BlissfulLiving2 I think these are ok and

@BlissfulLiving2 I think these are ok and

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