04 Feb '14, 11pm

Current status: waiting for “Javascripty” stuff to happen.

A little ditty that makes it really easy to wait for something Javascripty to happen…like a Javascript dialog to appear that gets populated from an AJAX call. The has_css? method call will wait until the element shows up and if it doesn’t show up before the Capybara timeout expires then it will return false.

Full article: http://pivotallabs.com/capybara-cucumber-and-waiting-for-...


Why cant this happen in Singapore?

twitter.com 08 Feb '14, 7am

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Automatically Wait for AJAX with Capybara

robots.thoughtbot.com 04 Feb '14, 2pm

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A list of deprecated stuff in Ruby (as of 2.1)

rubyflow.com 05 Feb '14, 5pm

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