06 Feb '14, 9pm

First crack at a @CumuLogic ruby client library -> cumulogic_client (0.0.1):

cumulogic_client 0.0.2 Ruby API bindings for the CumuLogic platform's RESTful API. install gem install cumulogic_client Download Documentation Badge Subscribe RSS Authors Chip Childers 16 total downloads 10 for this version Owners Licenses ASLv2 Links Homepage Gemfile gem "cumulogic_client", "~> 0.0.2" Versions 0.0.2 February 6, 2014 (12 KB) Show all versions (2 total) Development Dependencies bundler ~> 1.3 rake >= 0 rspec >= 2.0.0

Full article: http://rubygems.org/gems/cumulogic_client


kintone (0.0.1): Kintone API client.

rubygems.org 06 Feb '14, 3pm

kintone 0.0.1 Kintone API client. install gem install kintone Download Documentation Badge Subscribe RSS Authors Rikiya Ka...

restforce (1.4.3): A lightweight ruby client fo...

rubygems.org 05 Feb '14, 9pm

A lightweight ruby client for the Salesforce REST api.

YouTube Begins Major Crack Down on Fake Views

reelseo.com 05 Feb '14, 6pm

YouTube has recently stated that they will begin taking a long, hard look at fake views and ramp up auditing of videos, mo...

stefon | | your community gem host:

rubygems.org 08 Feb '14, 9pm

A pre-commit utility that recommends who to ask for a code review. Stefon tells you whose code you are affecting the most.

On Ruby:

on-ruby.blogspot.com 11 Feb '14, 11pm

As I studied Ruby over the past 2 years while working on the book, I’ve been surprised and intrigued by how much of Ruby’s...