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A variety of short articles about Ruby and Rails based on Ryan Bates' Railcasts.


  • この記事参考になる。ネットのrailsのバリデーション情報間違いまくりで全然役に立たない…。- Validations in Rails 3

    211 - Validations in Rails 3” 25 Oct '13, 12am

    Another new feature in Rails 3 is the ability to reflect on validations. We can use this if, for example, we want to put an asterisk next to each field in the form that is required. Previously to do this we’d have to install an external plugin so that we could determine which validati...

  • simple configuration login, not using gem

    “Episode 274 - Remember Me & Reset Password” 08 Apr '13, 9pm

    The authentication we implemented in those episodes was fairly basic so in this episode we’ll add a couple of new features to make it better. First we’ll add a “Remember Me” checkbox to the login page so that users can choose to be logged in automatically then we’ll add a “Reset Passw...

  • Neat! Decent Exposure makes it easier to write concise controllers:

    259 - Decent Exposure” 19 May '13, 4pm

    In this episode we’re going to look at a gem called decent_exposure . This is a simple gem with a nice concept. We can use it to create an interface of methods in the controller that the view can access instead of using instance variables. The gem uses a method called expose to define...

  • “Episode 396 - Importing CSV and Excel” 02 Jan '13, 1am

    In episode 362 we showed how to export database records to a CSV or Excel file. Since then there have been a number of requests for an episode showing how to import records from these types of files so that’s what we’ll cover in this episode. We’ll do this by adding a form to the bott...

  • public_activity // social network-style / “ASCIIcasts - “Episode 406 - Public Activity””

    406 - Public Activity” 05 May '13, 4pm

    Another potential issue is that in Comment calling controller.current_user raises an exception if we try to create a record outside the current request as there won’t be a controller. We’ll check to see if there is a controller here before trying to fetch the current user from it. /ap...

  • 242 - Thor” 05 Aug '13, 2am

    $ thor help Tasks: thor help [TASK] # Describe available tasks or one specific task thor install NAME # Install an optionally named Thor file into your system tasks thor installed # List the installed Thor modules and tasks thor list [SEARCH] # List the available thor tasks (--substri...

  • ASCIIcasts - “Episode 330 - Better SASS With Bourbon” 12 Mar '12, 3am

    To use Bourbon with Rails’ asset pipeline we’ll need to change the way that the default application.css file works. By default this file will use a Sprockets manifest to load each of the other stylesheet assets. The problem with this is that Sprockets compiles each SASS file into CSS ...

  • Deadweight looks perfect for this: Github: Railscasts: ASCIIcasts:

    180 - Finding Unused CSS” 22 Mar '12, 3pm

    Any medium or large-sized website probably has a large amount of CSS spread across one or more stylesheets and the chances are that there are selectors in those stylesheets that are no longer used on any of the pages in that site. These selectors should be removed but they rarely are ...

    1. #334 Compass & CSS Sprites 22 Mar '12, 5am

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