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  • Craig Andera - Podcast Episode 038

    thinkrelevance.com 20 Aug '13, 3pm

    You've had the joy of listening to Craig's insightful questioning of our guests for a long time now; it is our great pleasure to turn the microphones around and capture Craig Andera on the other end of the questions. Guest host Justin Gehtland gets Craig to talk about his career path ...

  • Abstraction or Leverage?

    thinkrelevance.com 17 Aug '13, 6pm

    Tags: refactoring , abstraction , and leverage A colleague of mine recently accused me of speaking too precisely. He was giving me a bit of grief, but I took it as a compliment. In this industry, we torture words until they give up all meaning. Keep your eyes open for the next time yo...

  • Brenton Ashworth - Podcast Episode 037

    thinkrelevance.com 13 Aug '13, 2pm

    To help people understand the concepts in Pedestal App, Brenton Ashworth recently authored the Pedestal App Tutorial . I highly recommend people check it out - it's a great resource. On this episode , Brenton does a great job of explaining the concepts in Pedestal App. I'm sure you'll...

  • Blog | On Naming | Relevance

    thinkrelevance.com 01 Aug '13, 3am

    Tags: naming , object-oriented , philosophy , and language Why is naming so difficult? We write functions and arguments, or classes and methods, all day long. Every one of them has a name. With all that practice, you would expect us to be good at it. One reason is that names are alway...

  • Episode 036 of the @thinkrelevance podcast, featuring @neal4d of @thoughtworks is now available!

    Blog | Neal Ford of ThoughtWorks - Episode 036 | Relevance

    thinkrelevance.com 26 Jul '13, 3pm

    Those of you lucky enough to have heard Neal Ford speak on anything know that he is one smart, funny, and perceptive dude. It was my great pleasure to have him on the show, where we talked about Evolutionary Architecture, Clojure, Datomic, the poetry of Donald Rumsfeld, the ThoughtWor...

  • New episode of the @thinkrelevance podcast: @richhickey on core.async! #clojure #coreasync

    Blog | Rich Hickey and core.async - Podcast Episode 035 | Relevance

    thinkrelevance.com 10 Jul '13, 4pm

    Listeners of the show need no introduction to Rich Hickey , even if he had not already been our guest twice. In this episode, we talk to him about his latest brain gem, the core.async library. It was an illuminating discussion, and I thank Rich for taking the time to explain the conce...

  • Blog | Shopping in Infinite Space | Relevance

    thinkrelevance.com 09 Jul '13, 2am

    Tags: retail , ecommerce , vector space , mathematics , encoding , and immutability Long hours driving the open road grant me that rare luxury: time to think about everything and nothing. I love freely associating ideas as the miles roll by. Over a brief vacation this past week, a few...

  • Blog | Turkey Tacos and the Giant Smoking Crater | Relevance

    thinkrelevance.com 04 Jul '13, 10am

    Turkey Tacos and the Giant Smoking Crater Tags: project , product , crunch time , and organization Here's a short experience from a project I was on long before joining Relevance. It might be interesting or educational. It was October in Minnesota. Fall is a time for endings, and my c...