Set of thorough study notes, and class, for those new to Ruby and meeding a solid introduction to its concepts and constructs. By Satish Talim.


RubyMonk - Interactive Ruby tutorials Documenting the Ruby Language
Learn Ruby with the Neo Ruby Koans
Ruby Inside: The Ruby Blog
SapphireSteel Software: the Visual Studio IDE Company
Katz Got Your Tongue?
Rails Machine - Home
Nuby on Rails | Ruby on Rails for Newbies
Beginning Ruby : The Book To Learn Ruby Programming
Netzke: Ext JS and Ruby on Rails components - Client-server GUI ...
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Working With Rails
A Curated List of Resources for Ruby and Rails Learning | A Resource for Web Application Developers
RailsCasts: Ruby on Rails Screencasts
Try Ruby: learn the basics of the Ruby language in your browser.
Ruby on Rails Security Project - Journal
Learn Code The Hard Way -- Books And Courses To Learn To Code