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Katz Got Your Tongue?
RailsCasts: Ruby on Rails Screencasts
Working With Rails
Rails Girls
Nuby on Rails | Ruby on Rails for Newbies
Ruby Inside: The Ruby Blog
The Pragmatic Studio | Top Developer Training
Rails Machine - Home
Reaching Across Illinois Library System: RAILS
Railsware: Agile Ruby on Rails Development & Consulting | A Resource for Web Application Developers
Netzke: Ext JS and Ruby on Rails components - Client-server GUI ...
Rails for Zombies: Code School
CakePHP: the rapid development php framework. Pages
SapphireSteel Software: the Visual Studio IDE Company
Rake -- Ruby Make Documenting the Ruby Language | your community gem host
TurboGears Web Framework — TurboGears2 Website 3.0 ...
New Relic: Application Performance Management & Monitoring
Ruby on Rails Security Project - Journal
Slim - A Fast, Lightweight Template Engine for Ruby
Refinery CMS: Ruby on Rails CMS that supports Rails 3
Grails - The search is over.
Big Fat Rails